Fight Fire With Fire

This very common phrase rings true with gun control. This issue has taken a back seat in recent months, but be aware of its severity. The balance of the Supreme Court is hanging by a thread over the next year or two. Radical Leftists will seize a super majority and deteriorate the traditional nature of the Constitution or we will increase our ability to preserve it by electing originalists. They have the ability to alter the Second Amendment that will impact the entire country. I’m not conspiring a theory that they will take away all weapons; that’s too bold and unfeasible. However, they can make changes to it that endanger the public. Let’s look at the result of changes already made at state and local levels to emphasize why major gun control laws are disastrous.

We are drowned in news stories of mass shootings, controversial murders, and other tragedies frequently. It triggers politicians to approach a means of solving the problem. The Left feels that restricting the legal way to obtain guns will reduce gun violence. They use several methods such as assault rifle bans, extensive background checks, magazine limitations, and most importantly gun free zones. In my opinion, I agree with background checks but any other limitation is negatively impacting this country. Gun free zones are causing homicide rates to increase rather than decrease as intended. No one seems to pay attention to the fact that the city of Chicago is the most dangerous city in America: essentially a gun free zone. In the past year, there have been 3,100 people shot in Chicago. 530 of those people died. At that rate, someone is being shot every two hours and killed every 11 hours. You would think common sense would lead liberal politicians to the conclusion that gun control is making the problem worse, but they seem to think there simply aren’t ENOUGH gun laws in practice. These restrictions only limit the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves. Some murderers may obtain a gun legally; however, that doesn’t mean that gun control laws will stop them from obtaining a gun illegally! Moreover, if they intend to kill someone, they will use any means possible regardless of the law. Think of how terrorists can use everyday items to make bombs. The super majority of mass shootings take place in gun free zones in America and across the world.

To contrast, here are some examples of where law abiding citizens with guns helped stop murderers from an article by the National Review:

    — Spartanburg, S.C., March 2012: Armed with a shotgun, Jesse Gates kicked in a door to his church. Concealed-carry permit holder Aaron Guyton drew his gun and held Gates at gun point, enabling other parishioners to disarm Gates. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright called the churchgoers heroes. Though Gates was stopped before anyone was harmed, he was still charged with one count of kidnapping and three counts of pointing and presenting a firearm.

— Chicago, July 2014: Three gang members fired on four people who had just left a party. Fortunately, one of these four was a military serviceman with a concealed-handgun permit. He was able to return fire and wound the main attacker while keeping the others at bay. The UK’s Daily Mail reported, “The night might have had a very different outcome had the incident occurred a year earlier [before Illinois’s concealed-handgun law was passed].”

— Darby, Pa., July 2014: Convicted felon Richard Plotts killed a hospital caseworker and shot the psychiatrist that he was scheduled to meet with. Fortunately, the psychiatrist was a concealed-handgun permit holder and was able to critically wound Plotts. Plotts was still carrying 39 bullets and could have shot many other people.

There is overwhelming evidence to show that having law abiding citizens able to fire bullets back at criminals is effective. Criminals will also think twice or not at all before attempting to shoot someone when citizens have the right to carry. Based off the US Justice Department statistics, if you divided the states into two groups — the eight states that did not allow open carry at the time, which included Florida, Texas, California, South Carolina, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Arkansas — and the 42 states that did allow open carry. Comparing the total number of violent crimes (defined by federal officials as murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault) with the total population in the eight states without open carry in 2012. We checked his math and found the same result: Those states had a combined violent crime rate of about 434 per 100,000 people. The remaining 42 states had a violent crime rate of about 352 per 100,000. That means states with open carry laws did have a 23 percent lower violent crime rate that year. The proof is in the numbers. We should have retired or even active law enforcement officers part of our school systems to defend our children. We should end gun free zones to empower our citizens’ right to be their own best defense. By the time you call 911 you could be dead without a gun. Don’t forget about this issue when you go to vote my fellow Americans. We the people hold the key to defending our liberties. Fight fire with fire.

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  1. Preach!! Gun free zones are stupid!! More gun control laws are stupid!
    You ever notice the “Get rid of guns” people are always surrounded by armed guards????

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    1. lptrey says:

      The hypocrisy is real.

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